About Us

GIC Simple is a fully digital GIC marketplace bringing investors and financial institutions together in a single integrated platform

We are an Ontario based financial technology driven company, a registered member of the Registered Deposit Brokers Association (RDBA), that assists clients investing their excess cash among higher yielding term deposits using our digital term deposit GIC investment platform.

Our management team has extensive experience in banking, portfolio management, capital markets sales and trading, finance, operations and technology development. We are targeting individuals that can benefit most from an extremely efficient, easy to use, fully integrated digital cash investment solution. The GIC Simple mantra is to provide investors of cash with the highest yield, deposit protection and security through the ease of use of our digital platform.

GIC Simple eliminates the current pain points for all participants in the term deposit marketplace through a single, safe, secure and convenient platform, applying best industry practices and technology.

The GIC investment platform offers the following:

Improved Client Experience

Provide clients with real-time GIC rates, online portfolio viewing, tools and analytics. Digital, secure and best rates provided by large issuer roster for clients.

Fully Digital Deal Execution

Real-time communication with issuers and clients. End to end deal workflow that enables instant client interest conversion into transactions for clients.

Improve Operational Efficiency

An integrated fully digital paperless system between clients and GIC issuers. A centralized digital depository for all related documents with instant document search and retrieval.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the direct, go-to GIC solution for investors seeking the best in class rates, selection, convenience and security. We aim to enable our investors with the resources and tools to construct and optimize a do it yourself GIC portfolio, serving individual, corporate, joint and trust clients across the country.

GIC Simple is not a bank, and never takes custody of client funds. GIC Simple helps maximize the return on your GIC portfolio and invests in the federally and provincially insured Canadian financial institutions (banks, trust companies, credit unions).