Earn more on your cash all the time.

We constantly monitor the rates of our partner financial institutions across Canada and can quickly build the best GIC portfolio to meet your short term and long term savings goals... when maturities approach, we remind you to reinvest and recommend the best options, ensuring your cash is always earning the best rates.

Your deposits are fully insured.

GICs are considered one of the safest investments in Canada. Deposits in Canadian banks and trust companies are insured federally by CDIC and deposits in credit unions are insured by provincially sponsored insurance programs such as DICO in Ontario. GIC Simple makes it easy by helping you allocate your savings to multiple Canadian financial institutions of your choice to keep you balances within the insurance limits. GIC Simple never touches any of your cash at any time.

Access to over 20 financial institutions GIC issuers.

Build a high yielding GIC portfolio with your preferred Canadian financial institutions with GIC Simple or from the comfort of your home. We provide access to the Canadian marketplace of the best rates and quickly enable you to conveniently invest in your preferred financial institutions. View your GIC portfolio on a real-time dashboard 24/7. We will notify you of upcoming maturities.

Fully digital, simple, secure application.

Whenever you decide to invest, the transaction can only be done by you. Your GIC order will be confirmed and a GIC certificate will be issued electronically from the financial institution. No extended waiting for period for traditional paper based process. We understand and value privacy and security. We have constructed the platform to keep your data safe and secure.